Walter’s State Community College

The Meadows Apartments are particularly useful for prospective college students in Sevier County as our accommodations, amenities and affordability make for a very convenient option for those who attend or look to attend nearby Walter’s State Community College!

About Walter’s State:
Walter’s State has been our local higher education center in Sevierville for decades. The campus is located on a 67-acre property just off the main traffic in Sevierville on Old Newport Highway, surrounded only by farmland to make the campus quiet, versatile and very easy to find solitude at for study. There are, as of writing, three main buildings on the Sevier County campus that house classrooms, labs, professional kitchens, a computer library, a recreation room, a break room, a room where martial arts and other physical classes are taught and more. A huge fountain and lake sit at the front of the campus while a large flat field sits behind it that is often used for outdoor classes and demonstrations.

The Sevierville campus has traditionally specialized in training students who seek degrees and local work in culinary arts, law enforcement, professional entertainment (such as musical theater or theater management) and nursing as well as having general education courses taken in preparation for other universities like the University of Tennessee, but each year the Walters State Sevierville campus has grown for the types of fully accredited degrees and studies that large universities provide. A full list of their programs and their online student handbook can be found here:

Meadows Apartments welcomes college students to our residential property and we feel assured you will be able to pursue your academic goals and dreams while calling our apartments home!